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Izumi-san’s duet ready here : sJPv8rQMv4I

Len’s part & Mixing: Me

Seems like my mixing skill has improved a little bit : ) All thanks to Rina-san~

(Although the Len’s part seems very……. /hits the wall)

I own nothing but my voice ; ;

Original sang by GUMI / Last Note. 

The original version was very good, and the song is very catchy ^^
I own nothing but my voice in this cover ~ 

CANDY CANDY Original by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

I own nothing but my voice ~

ReAct ver. Nicole

Was convinced by Aki and her reAct 

The Len’s parts were horrible

So I made them harmony instead 

Maybe we (Aki, me and Rina/ytb:0104Rina) should do a reAct with me as Rin, Rina as Miku and Aki as Len

to Aki: be our Len forever ~